Remote Sensing ...

... a modern Geospatial Technique

Modern geospatial techniques enable the provision of up-to-date imagery to the public through the media and internet. Improvements to earth monitoring satellites, such as SAR, and the very high resolution data received from these satellites, result in very large data files or a wide band pipe required for the transmission to the receiving earth stations. These large bandwidths cannot be provided by the regular allocated slot in X-band. The only way to increase the bandwidth of the downlink is the exploitation of K-band (25.5–27 GHz).   

CPI VERTEX ANTENNENTECHNIK GmbH (VA) delivers triband Full Motion Antenna systems with diameters between 3 and 15 meter for remote sensing applications.

Full Motion Antenna systems can be characterized by fast moving continuous azimuth travel ranges up to 540°, and a third tilted axis in order to minimize keyhole effects. These antennas are “K-band ready” and up to 7 meter can also operate up to Q/V-band.

Monitoring & Control systems developed by VA are used to remotely control complete ground station facilities. Turnkey solutions, which may also include the entire RF system with TM/TC/ranging processors or high data rate receivers originating from any third party, can be provided.

For remote sensing applications, the M&C system can be extended with the multi-mission scheduler.