SATCOM Products

Vertex Antennentechnik's USA based sister facilities manufacture state-of-the-art Satcom products: General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies (GDST), leading supplier of satellite and wireless communications products and services for video, voice and data worldwide. GDST offers an exciting range of new communications products and solutions.


  • Mobile VSAT
  • Flyaway antennas
  • SNG products
  • Medium fixed antennas
  • Large fixed antennas
  • Multi-beam receive-only antennas
  • VSAT products

Electronic Products

  • Solid state power amplifiers
  • SSPBs
  • Low-noise amplifiers
  • LNBs
  • Block converters
  • Line driver amplifiers
  • Frequency converters and redundancy switching


  • Model 8550 satellite modem

On the Move

  • Model 20-20M
  • Model 20-24M
  • Model 17-13A

Ready to Go (RTG)

GDST's products "Ready-to-Go" (RTG) is a streamlined process to get our most reliable, field-tested and standard products shipped to our customers within 30 days of order acceptance.

Included in our RTG product offerings are control systems, popular fixed antennas in C and Ku-band, VSAT antennas and their mounts also in C and Ku-band and select electronic products including Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), Low Noise Block Down Converters (LNBs) and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) in C and Ku-band.