Servo System

CPI VERTEX ANTENNENTECHNIK GmbH (VA) designs, fabricates and supplies high precision drive and control systems, and with close cooperation between RF, mechanical and electrical/electronical engineers VA is able to provide excellent performance of the overall antenna/telescope.

VA delivers complete servo & drive systems together with VA's antennas/telescopes or as stand-alone packages for upgrades/retrofits. Inplant testing is performed on a purpose built test stand in VA's integration hall.



  • Full Motion Antennas and telescopes with high/low speeds/variable speeds
  • XY mounts
  • Hexapods
  • Subreflector positioner
  • Wobbler

Stabilized platforms antennas/telescopes with pointing accuracies in the order of milli-degrees/arcsec can be equipped with additional subsystems such as metrology systems and/or pointing calibration systems.


  • Developed by VA
  • Is a state-of-the-art controller for Limited Motion Antennas. It has been particularly designed for antennas tracking stable or inclined GEO targets.
  • Typical tasks are controlling of operating modes, operator interface locally at ACU or remote control from host computer and time synchronisation via NTP, PTP (option).
  • The ACU 6000 represents the central part of a complete servo system, which also includes high quality power and interlock electronics.
  • It can be supplied as part of a fully integrated servo system by VA or retrofitted into an existing servo system to provide enhanced performance and/or operational capabilities.
  • The servo system includes the ACU 6000, an outdoor Antenna Drive Unit (ADU), transducer, motors, cables and a Portable Control Unit (PCU).
  • Various operating modes can be implemented; for tracking the following modes are available: Program track (based on e.g. Intelsat Two Line Elements), monopulse, step-track, Orbit prediction tracking.

Servo Systems